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I'm going to start by sending you to the official home page. There is an incredible amount of information there. Through that site, you can get to see the "monthly" newsletters from the newsroom, and you can send an email to the guys. Check out the place where I spend too much of my time on the Great Big Chat, which is really just a highly-frequented message board. I know that all this has got you interested in seeing them live, so check out their official tourdates.

Fans' Websites:

Well, first of all, if you wish to learn about my trip to that wonderful part of the country, Newfoundland, feel free to go here.

Here is Jenny's page, Newfoundland. You can find a lot of information on Newfoundland and her hometown of Lawn. Here is her wonderful GBS page, Great Big Sea - Live (temporarily down).

Here's a great site by ERin and Laurel. You can find a lot of information there, including stories, concert reviews, tin whistle parts, fiddle parts, misquotes, etc. I enjoyed myself exploring that site.

One of the most unique sites on the web is Mike's Great Big Download Page. If you want to see some footage of the band, take a look at that site. All the videos are on there, most of the aired concerts and interviews are there too and radio broadcasts.

This site must be entered with a sense of humour. It is The Great Big Cult. Not to be taken seriously.

Now, a while ago, there was talk that the chat might be shut down. In order for all the fans to stay in contact with one another, this site was created, Friends of Great Big Sea. It is a huge collection of fans and info on them, ways to get ahold of them, etc. This site is maintained by SandyP and I congratulate her for doing this. The band itself has often mentioned this site during concerts or in interviews. Sandy's personal Great Big Sea site is At Home with Great Big Sea.

Here's another very unique site, Great Big Sea e-notes. You can send a little electronic card to a friend for any reason imaginable. It's great!!

There has been a website created for Boston-area fans. It is maintained by Fran E. GBS Boston contains pictures and concert reviews from shows in Boston. It is growing rapidly too, seeing as the guys are playing there a lot these days.

I mentioned that I would tell you of all of the awards that this wonderful band has won. Well, go to Missy's wonderful site, on which you can find the awards, Rant & Roar with Great Big Sea.

Other fan sites:

Kristin's Realm
Port Aux Schwa^
Dave's Great Big Sea Page
Aimee's Great Big Sea Page
Where The Band Never Ends!
On The Road With Great Big Sea
Have a Dance with Great Big Sea
FaSt As I CaN ~ a GrEaT bIg SeA pAgE

Some Newfoundland links (others can be found on the pages above):

George Street Live
OZ FM Live Skycam
Missy's World - Newfoundland Index
Newfoundland and Labrador Magazine

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