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    Hi everyone!!! Welcome to my world. It's a fun world, at least I think so. You'll find out lots about me and the things I enjoy. So, sit back, relax, exercise that clicking finger and get ready for your trip through FIONA LAND!!!!

    Alrighty. Now, about me. Well, I'm making myself out to be much more interesting than I really am. Wait!!!! Don't leave!!!! Whew. You had me worried there for a minute.

    I'd first like to raise a cheer for Canada! The best country in the world!!!!! Yes, I'm Canadian, and proud of it. Though, I follow the trend of not exploring one's own country, the strange phenomenon. The size of the country I have not explored has recently been cut in half, having toured Atlantic Canada somewhat. For your enjoyment, I have collected a whack of Canada links, among which you will find the details of the trip to the east coast to which I just referred.

    Now that we have established my nationality, my heritage is Scottish. I've always been extremely proud of my heritage. But, in recent years, I have been more and more involved in all things celtic. A few years ago, I toured that wonderful country. I thought you might be interested in learning more about my heritage, so visit my Scotland page, on which you will find details about my tour.

    When I'm not touring Canada, or Scotland, I'm based out of Etobicoke (part of Toronto), and Mississauga. I enjoy the big city very much, and am quite proud of my hometown, but sometimes I yearn for the quiet life in a village by the sea.

    I'm currently working at a very small company after having graduated from The University of Waterloo located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I took Mathematics, majoring in mostly, are you ready, Combinatorics and Optimization. To avoid the many questions that I know are going to come up regarding what the heck that is, I direct you to the university's C&O page. I also have all the courses for a minor in Computer Science.

    At the university, I was a co-op student, so I tended to shuffle around from job to job. Let's see, Vector Marketing Canada, Nabisco, McNeil Consumer Products, Consumers Gas, and last, but not least, Applican Marketing Systems Inc.

    I've often been asked where I lived when I was at school. Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The off-campus residence where I normally lived has a website! It's called Waterloo Co-operative Residence Inc. If anyone's thinking about going to this school and is wondering where to live, I highly recommend this residence, at least for your first year.

    OK, that's academic Fiona taken care of. Now, let's work on non-academic Fiona. At this point in my life, my music has become very important to me. I used to play the Cello and Piano, oh, about 10 years ago. I find myself missing the Cello more and more as the years go by. Though there are many instruments out there I would love to try, I currently play two semi-officially. These would be the tin whistle and the bodhrán, both being fairly recent endeavours. In playing these instruments, I have been inspired by my favourite band Great Big Sea!!!!! More on them at my Great Big Sea page. The number of really good celtic bands out there is amazing. I have made a collection of information on these other bands. If you would like to explore my musical world, be my guest.

    There's something else extremely exciting going on in my life right now. I have been getting involved in theatre. Not on stage, but behind the scenes. I must say, it's a whole heck of a lot of fun. I recently finished working on Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf for The Mississauga Players. I've also been behind the scenes for The Mouse Trap, Murder by the Book and for Salt Water Moon with Weston Little Theatre . I hope to continue getting involved in community theatre. It's a lot of fun, and takes me away from the daily grind.

    Now, I've told you all about my music and my theatre, but I haven't told you about my dancing. I love dancing. I do two kinds: Scottish Country Dancing and Ladies' Step Dancing. If you are interested in information about these, go to my Scotland page. I have been scottish country dancing since I was about 4, and I've been taking ladies' step for about four years now. They're both very social and a great workout to boot. When I have more time, I'm going to look into other forms of dance. Cape Breton step for one.

    Well, there's not much more about me. If I think of anything else interesting, I'll be sure to add it in. If you have any comments or criticisms, feel free to email me.

    Please, sign my guestbook to let me know that you were here!

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