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Too Much GBS!

You know you listen to too much GBS when...















You spend more on the gas that got you to the nearest state(province) than the ticket for the concert you saw there.
You add the words Great Big to every noun you use (ex: We had great big fun, that was a great big test, etc.)
---- Heather

You push it on everyone you meet !!!!!
---- Goliath (Lisa)

Their words to Rant & Roar, Run Runaway and Donkey Riding have elbowed the versions previously known straight out of memory.
---- Teddy

You feel as though you are getting more of an education from them than you do at school.
When you start singing one of their songs that just popped into your head as you are walking down the street or you're at school and then you have people looking at you funny.
---- Terri

You show up to the concert with your ribs already cracked and already infected with the flu.
---- Ellen (Eh Canadian)

Your new favourite color is yellow.
You add "Way-Hey-Hey" in your sentence to make it sound more exciting.
You suddenly own a bunch of new instruments and can play only GBS songs on them.
When a concert is coming up, EVERYONE at school/work lets you know about it.
You move out East just because the songs say it's nice.
You defend any Newfie jokes.. no matter where you're from.
---- Lori

You know all the words to End of The World.
You know what EOTW means.
You add the parts only on the cds when seeing them live. "On her hair!!"
You know where all the places are that they sing about.
You visit places in Newfoundland just because they are mentioned in one song.
You know all the words to Mari-Mac.
You name a pet after names in the songs (Jakey, Lukey...).
When someone says the word excursion, you immediately break into song.
What are you at becomes part of your daily vocabulary.
When someone says 'you're singing about maggoty fish?' and you yell out 'they're no good for winter!'
Your ears perk up at hearing the words great, big, kitchen, party, bouzouki, bones, etc.
You create your own words to the songs.
You've sung the melody so often, you're getting bored with it so you start to actively learn the harmony.
You think of new videos the band could do.
You say 'the guys' or 'the b'ys' and everyone knows exactly who it is you are talking about.
You sing Rant & Roar with great emotion when you come from Ontario or BC.
You think of sick, twisted things when singing When I'm Up.
You're happy when people die.
The word donkey doesn't make you think of an animal.
Running into someone you haven't seen in a while, you say 'haven't seen you in a long time' and break into a fit of giggles.
You say adjectives twice 'wicked, wicked'.
Wicked becomes part of your vocabulary.
Quotes from interviews scatter themselves throughout your normal conversations. "McCann, you are a girly man, you are nuttin' but a girly man." (my favourite)
The word seagull doesn't make you think of an animal.
You know all the words to little beggarman.
You know all the words to the songs that will be on the next album.
You have an urge to put 'friends' in quotation marks all the time.
You have an urge to put the words up and play in caps all the time.
You develop an 'Alan' stutter.
You're driving your car and get to the part of Excursion where you yell 'Hey!' and you throw your fist in the air, painfully punching the roof of the car in the process.
You create a page on your website dedicated to when you can tell if you're addicted.
---- Fiona

You subconsciously 'track' the seconds and milliseconds between songs on each of the "records" and break into the next lyric simultaneously with the b'ys, on your CD.
You scream out "I'm not alright!" in unison with Séan and it makes you feel better; and when you're in a frustrating situation you think about screaming it out, just as you "PLAY" that line over in your mind!
---- Tina

When any beeping resembling Morse Code sends you in a minor frenzy.
When you know the unofficial hand motions to Billy Peddle.
When you try to teach the hand motions to people who don't (yet) know them.
---- Sigrid

You know Newfoundland's geography better than your own Province's/State's.
You sing lines only said in concert when listening to your CD (ex. "Have a dance for God's sake!!" before Goin' Up).
You know each song in concert by it's introduction (ex. Séan saying "I'd like to sing a very sad song" before Paddy Murphy.)
You try to tie in every project you do to GBS or NF somehow.
You look for the NF flag first wherever all provincial flags are displayed.
You pay more attention to the Voisey's Bay mine (or any other NF news) than what is going on in your own province.
You use NF expressions such as 'arse over teakettle' regularily.
You know most of the people mentioned on a MuchEast all request weekend from the GBS chat.
You know NF's date of Confederation and first premier and not your own province's.
You're offended by the word "Newfie"...but were born in Ontario.
Can understand the harshest NF outport accent with ease.
You prefer rum to beer.
Travelling across international borders isn't a bother to go see a show.
You forsake your own college graduation to go see GBS in concert.
---- ShanT

You maintain your internet connection (at great personal expense) just so you can check the concert dates.
---- Theresa

You know the b'ys touring schedule better than they do.
---- Caitlin

You see concert schedules and you think to yourself...hmmm...Colorado isn't so far away...just a 3-4 days drive.
You spend a lot of time explaining to people that it isn't "Great Big's the ocean." (you make a little wavy motion with your hands to help them understand.)
When you take photos of the b'ys to work, to try to entice your co-workers to listen to them. They see a picture of you and Alan (or you and any of the b'ys) and they ask..."Oh, is he your boyfriend?" You consider telling them yes.
You consider it part of your mission in life to get more radio airplay for the b'ys.
If you're not already, you wish you were Canadian.
You haven't had a dream in a long time, and suddenly, your subconscious has you dining with GBS, having a great time, singing along together. You can't believe you were lucky enough to have such a great dream.
You check the GBS chatroom before you check your own email.
You tell people about a concert you went to, and you explain about how Séan said this...and Alan said that, and Bob did this, and Darrell did that. You don't care that they have no idea who you're talking about. They just know you saw some band.
When something isn't where you remember putting figure it was magnetically drawn toward Bob...where ever he is in the world.
GBS hasn't left your CD player since you discovered them.
When no one is around at work, you quietly sing "Lukey" under your breath, because it just isn't enough to let it run through your head.
---- Sarah

When you go and get a shoulder length haircut with layers (at the suggestion of the STYLIST--says it would look great on you) and, after developing a hair-flipping reflex (hey, you could never get away with THAT when it was longer!), you notice a startling resemblance between your new haircut, and Alan.... mention it to the boyfriend, who promptly decides he hates the cut (though he loved it 2 mins ago!).
---- Marie

You decorate every inch of your walls, locker, binders, and anything else you can think of with pictures of Great Big Sea.
You decide to have an on-going contest with Bob to see who can learn the most instruments ... and you write to him to tell him about it.
You attempt to name your entire collection of over 50 stuffed toys with GBS-related names.
---- Cheechi

You synchronize the videos with the cd version of the song.
You have kids under the age of 2 who leap and dance at the sounds of GBS.
---- Annette

Your entire creative writing class can guess that your next project will have something to do with a concert, music, or the ocean!
Your aquaintances say, "Did you miss class for that band again?"
---- Heather K.

If you have any to add to this list, please feel free to email me.
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